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Welcome to AzHREF!

The Mission of the Arizona HR Executive Forum is building transformational leaders and enhancing organizational performance through shared expertise and executive level learning.

In support of our mission, AzHREF:

Provides the opportunity to meet renowned thought leaders and speakers that you would normally have to travel and/or pay hundreds of dollars to see or hear at national conferences.

Serves as a forum for presenting the latest thinking and information on the HR implications of key business issues and strategic HR practices.

Establishes a network of senior Human Resource leaders to share knowledge in the areas of leadership development, business partners, change management, innovation, talent acquisition/management and other topics of importance to HR leaders.

Upcoming Events

Jun 11

AZ Talent Coop June 11, 2020 Program

9 Lies About Work with Ashley Goodall Senior VP of Leadership and Team Intelligence and Best Selling Author 2019 here in Phoenix June 2020

Jun 25

AZHREF June 25, 2020 Virtual Program

"A Tale of Two Companies: When Strategy Execution Works and When It Does Not"


Aug 19

AZHREF August 19, 2020 Program

Coach the Person Not the Problem with Marcia Reynolds