Partner Organizations

AZHREF is a proud partner of the following organizations:

The Arizona Total Rewards Association serves the needs of
Compensation and Benefits professionals by providing
resources in support of their professions.  The association
is committed to advancing the capabilities of the profession
and to ensure the member's value in the development and
execution or organizational total rewards strategy.  For more
information and upcoming ATRA events, click here.

SHRM of Greater Phoenix (SHRMGP) has been recognized by
by SHRM as a Platinum award winning SHAPE chapter.

Founded in 1947, SHRMGP is an organization committed to
advancing the profession through educational and career
development opportunities, networking and community
involvement.  For more information and upcoming SHRMGP
events, click here.

Year Up’s Professional Training Corps (PTC) in Phoenix launched
January 2015 on the campus of GateWay Community College. Year Up’s PTC
offers an intensive, one-year program for college students, ages 18-24,
combining professional coaching, hands-on skill development, and internships
at some of America’s top companies. As college students, Year Up’s young
adults have access to the library, tutoring resources, and other services offered
by the college, in addition to the services offered by Year Up. As students work
toward completing a degree at GateWay Community College, Year Up PTC
provides them with professional development and work experience, preparing
graduates to launch a meaningful career.

The AZ Talent CoOp was created to bring together people-centered associations for leveraging our collective resources to enable our associations to grow. As a result we better support those who serve people at work. We are confident that you will gain insight and professional growth from these events and perhaps find great connections in one of our associations.